Ceremonies - Wedding . Commitment . Renewal .

Our stories are varied and unique, as are our relationships and experiences of love – each couple’s ceremony should reflect this too.

Your ceremony tells your story, how and when you met, perhaps funny or ‘sliding door’ moments, the aspects you love about each other, your beliefs, your ideas and your personal styles, your hopes and dreams for your life together.

Together you’ve created it – allow me to be the narrator or story teller of your adventures to date, bring into being a meaningful and memorable celebration that will deeply touch you, your family and friends in a way that is fun, relaxed and enjoyable for all.

I support marriage equality and am thrilled that from this moment forward everyone can legally marry the one they love.

Civil Marriage Ceremony

A ceremony embracing the unique and authentic essence of you both as individuals and as a couple. With the date, time, place, guest numbers, music and wording of your choosing while meeting all legal requirements of the Marriage Act 1961.

Simple Civil Marriage Ceremony

An elopement or registry style wedding. While incorporating all legal aspects of the Marriage Act 1961, date, location, time of your choice, however max 10 guests, template style ceremony – personalised as little or as much as you like – short, sweet and legal!


Commitment Ceremony

Ceremony for couples not wanting a legally recognised ceremony (such as legally married overseas) who wish to celebrate & give social recognition to their relationship with family & friends. These ceremonies are given the same love and attention so the cost is the same, minus the legal documentation.


Vow Renewal Ceremony

A sentimental or affirmation ceremony rather than a legal event, allows couples to recommit to their love and relationship. Some couples love to celebrate a significant anniversary in this way, especially with family and friends who may not have been present first time.